The Way to your Heart - Soulsister


Woke up this morning with my heart on fire
held on to what I’d been dreamin’
Woke up this morning I had one desire
to get back to what I’ve been seeing

Heaven, it was heaven
I have never known a bliss
witnessed anything like this
Glowing all over as I started on my feet
Thought I heard somebody callin’

Heaven, it was heaven
Now I know I’ve seen the light
Make it go on shining

I keep on searchin’ for the way to your heart
Try to believe it’s getting better
Baby take me all the way to your heart
I want you
Oh oh oh ooh

All the sweat kisses all the tenderness
That are being shared all around me
Only remind me of my own distress
No lovin’ arms to surround me

Fallin’, I am fallin’
You could help me out again
Being mine for ever

I keep on searchin’ for the way...

You got it, you got it
There’ll be no doubt about it
Nobody’s gonna keep me from you
I want you, I need you
I’ll find a way to get through
Nobody’s gonna keep me from you


Voor de Pretty Nurse, Kaat Piraat, Inge-Conijntje en 007, herinnerinkje aan de toffe Proms-night!

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